​Fatou Alhya Diagne is the heart and soul of FAD, a digital platform aimed at exploring the intersection between Fashion, Art & Development. 


McGill University alumna, she studied International Development Studies & African Studies (BA). Her education provided invaluable knowledge on gender dynamics. She also gained extensive work experience with international NGOs such as UNDP, UNIDO, AFDB, and FTDES, where she was involved with African-based industries in the cultural and creative sectors. 


Her commitment to the improvement of socioeconomic structures in developing countries motivated her to pursue a graduate degree in International Arts Management (MA) from HEC Montreal. She uses this opportunity to deepen her understanding of the art business with well-respected management programs in Dallas, Montreal and Milan.  


Furthermore, she progressively built a reputation in fashion by collaborating with renowned and emerging creatives to immerse herself in this industry. 


 With roots in West Africa and North America, she has a natural tendency for interdisciplinary work. This inclination gives her the ability to see from a multiplicity of perspectives while studying distinct subjects. Through her academic and professional careers, she consistently applies a reflective thought process into all her endeavors: 


“How can I combine the finest elements of my different passions in order to create and innovate expansively?”


These reflections led to the birth of FAD; a clever wordplay between her initials and Fashion, Art & Development; to present engaging experiences from all corners of the world. As a mediator of discussions and projects, it aims to use Fashion, Art, & Development as a comprehensive tool to introduce new strategies to improve societies.


With FAD, she invites future leaders and thinkers to explore this intersection on an intimate level through carefully curated content and ideas.  

Resume and CV available upon request. 

Portfolio available upon request. 

For consulting, collaborations, events and shoots, please contact iamfad@outlook.com